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Adult lessons/drills begin Sunday, May 21st. Call or email for details. Visit AgreTennis on Facebook to receive the latest announcements. Availability for kids lessons is listed under the Lessons tab.  

Updated 5/6/2023

Meet Carrie and Steve

Carrie and Steve have been teaching tennis in the Northwest Metro for more than 15 years to thousands of kids and adults. Their philosophy is to make tennis fun to learn and play by incorporating a variety of games and drills into their lessons.

Both Carrie and Steve are school teachers, and have a combined 70 years of experience of teaching and coaching kids. In addition to teaching lessons, they both enjoy playing and have participated in many USTA leagues, Inner City Tennis Leagues, and tournaments over the years. Carrie was a nationally ranked Division III tennis player at Luther College in Iowa.

Agretennis lessons are a great avenue to give the sport a try, whether in adult drop in lessons, or week-long sessions for kids. The Agres would love to see you and/or your kids give it a try! Tennis is a great lifetime sport!  See you on the courts in Hamel!




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