Registration has been postponed/delayed-please stay tuned.

Hi tennis friends and families, first and foremost, we hope this post finds you and your families well and in good health. 


We are postponing/delaying registration for a couple of reasons. As many of you know, Carrie and I are teachers, and this year we have scheduled the first week of lessons to take place immediately after we have finished teaching for the school year. Given the recent decree by the governor, we are not sure how that will impact our school district in terms of making up days in June, so we want to make sure that we have our tennis schedule set accordingly. We are hoping to find out this information within the next couple of weeks and will set a new registration date accordingly.


Also, given the nature of COVID-19, we will not be doing face to face registration this spring, rather, we will be completing registration via email. Details will be included in a follow-up email when we find out what our schedule will be. Hopefully, the schedule will be able to remain the same.


In summary, registration for Saturday, March 21st has been postponed with a date TBD. In person registration has been changed to email registration, details forthcoming. If you have any questions, please let us know. We will be updating our website,, to reflect these changes.  Thanks for your patience, and continued wishes for good health!


Carrie and Steve🎾🎾

2020 AgreTennis Registration Form